AV College wins home opener

LANCASTER – Running back Trey Coleman rushed for three touchdowns in the second half – two in the fourth quarter – as the Antelope Valley College football team won its first game of the year in Saturday night’s home with a 34-27 decision over the San Diego Mesa Olympians.

To start the second half, the Marauders went three and out, but defensive back GraesoVereen intercepted a potential touchdown pass by Olympians quarterback Walker Petty.

The interception didn’t too much, however, as Antelope Valley was held to another three-and-out drive.

But the Antelope Valley defense held San Diego Mesa to yet another three-and-out late in the third.

Marauders defensive back Michael Simpson blocked the Olympians’ punt and Antelope Valley recovered the ball 5 yards from the end zone. Coleman rushed 2 yards for a touchdown and Berrera converted the extra point, giving the Marauders a 21-14 lead.

San Diego Mesa pushed back when Olympians Petty threw a 36-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Tyler Crayton. But because kicker Bryce Pasky was unable to make the extra point, the Marauders still held a slim 21-20 lead.

Coleman’s rushing prevailed again with 9:36 to go in the game. He gained 20 yards to get the Marauders to first-and-goal at the 6-yard line. Two plays later, he scored for the second time in the quarter.

The Marauders started the game with a solid defensive possession, forcing a three-and-out on the Olympians. Antelope Valley almost gave away the ball, but quarterback Blake Shepard threw a bullet 42-yard pass to wide receiver Dante Ross for a first down on third and 14.

Shepard kept the ball on the next play and rushed nine yards for the Marauders’ first touchdown and a 6-0 lead after Berrera missed the extra point.

The Marauders held back San Diego Mesa on its next possession. The Olympians prepared to punt, but fumbled the ball on the snap. Simpson recovered the ball with 8:08 left in the first quarter.

Antelope Valley had an opportunity to score its second touchdown of the first quarter while at the Olympians’ 13-yard line. Running back Tre Coleman rushed for 5 yards to put the Marauders inside the 10-yard line.

But an Antelope Valley penalty for holding moved them back to the 23-yard line. Shepard then threw two incomplete passed to the end zone and the Marauders turned the ball over on downs.

San Diego Mesa pulled ahead early the second quarter with a 12-play drive. Olympians wide receiver Adam Childress passed to Brandan Hall on fourth and goal to tie the score, and kicker Bryce Pasky converted the extra point.

With 6:57 left in the second quarter, the Marauders fumbled the ball and the Olympians recovered it at Antelope Valley’s 42-yard line. San Diego Mesa running back Kayden Clements scored five plays later on a 3-yard run, and Pasky converted his second extra point of the night, giving the Olympians a 14-6 lead.

Antelope Valley got some payback on a drive with 5:24 left in the second quarter. On second down and 8, Shepard threw a 52-yard pass to wide receiver Jordan Wayne putting the Marauders only 15 yards from the end zone.

Shepard threw two incomplete passes, leading to an Antelope Valley timeout. Out of the huddle, Shepard threw to wide receiver Jordan Wayne, who caught the ball under duress for a touchdown.

Antelope Valley then decided to forgo an extra point and instead go for a 2-point conversion. Wide receiver Conor Keating was successful, tying the score at 14.

Marauders offensive lineman Octwan Roebuck was injured late in the second quarter and had to be helped off the field by two of his teammates.

The Marauders will play its next home game against East Los Angeles on Saturday.