Ex-MLB star remains active in Malibu setting

Gabe Kapler’s career as a professional baseball player has taken him all over the country. He’s played for teams like the Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers and the Boston Red Sox, where he won a World Series championship in 2004.

But for Kapler, Malibu has always felt like home.

“I grew up loving Malibu,” Kapler said. “I came to Zuma [Beach] as a kid, I took the beach bus and found my way here every summer.”

Kapler now operates a health and well-being blog called “Kap Lifestyle,” where he writes about subjects such as nutrition, fitness and even parenting.

Kapler said the idea for the blog was a culmination of the past 20 years of his athletic and fitness life.

“I had all these ideas flowing out of my head and I had no place to put them,” Kapler said. “While I had an outlet for my baseball interests, I didn’t have one for my fitness interests. So I decided to create one.”

In addition to posting every day for his blog, Kapler also enlists the help of other baseball players to write guest posts such as Evan Longoria and Brandon Guyer of the Rays.

Kapler said he uses his experiences throughout his baseball career to educate readers.

“The most important aspect of the blog is I try to communicate what I have learned over the years of playing baseball and experimenting as a lifestyle, well-being guy,” Kapler said.

Kapler is deeply active with the fitness community in Malibu, and said he trains daily at Malibu Fitness on Pacific Coast Highway. He likes being able to relate to other health and fitness enthusiasts.

“I can go there, I know that there are places to bounce ideas off of,” Kapler said of the local fitness center. “There is a way for me to inspire and be inspired in this community based on what I have learned in baseball.”

Kapler spends his days doing baseball analysis for several shows on the Fox Sports 1 channel. While he could be considered a celebrity due to his baseball success, Kapler said he goes relatively unnoticed in Malibu, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m just like everybody else, and I love that,” Kapler said. “If this was Boston, it would feel a little bit different.”

Kapler said the most difficult part of living in Malibu is his daily commute to his job at Fox, which is almost three hours round trip, but also said the drive is what makes Malibu so special.

“The same thing that will make you laugh will make you cry,” Kapler said. “It’ll make you cry because it takes forever to get here, but the reason it’ll make you laugh is because you don’t have to be close to the city.”

Kapler said that, aside from Malibu’s views, he enjoys the variety of “characters” he finds within the community.

“I think you get people here from all walks of life, and there’s actually a wide array of culture and people who are here sort of living out of their cars, and you have people with lots of dough and who are well taken care of,” Kapler said, “and I think they’re all equally adorable.”

When Kapler bought the property in Malibu, he decided to have it built smaller to encourage himself and his two sons — Chase,14, and Dane, 12 — to go outdoors.

“The No. 1 factor for me in Malibu is that we’re pushed outside,” Kapler said. “We are pushed away from our computers, we are pushed away from electronics and we venture out.”

Kapler and his family made the move to the city in April 2010. He said he can see himself retiring in Malibu.

“I love it here,” Kapler said. “I absolutely devour every day in Malibu. I love my home, I love my family here and there is no place I’d rather be. I can’t see myself living anywhere else.”

For more information, visit http://www.kaplifestyle.com

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