CSUN clubs greet and meet students on Bayramian Lawn

CSUN Meet the Clubs

Patrick Cruz, 20, a kinesiology major and Amy James, 21, a music education major offer information about their clubs at Meet the Clubs day. Cruz uses his Jishin Taiko instrument to get the attention of students. Photo credit: Alex Vejar / Daily Sundial

Nearly 1,000 students visited Bayramian Lawn for Meet the Clubs on Tuesday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The lawn was filled with more than 200 clubs. Each organization was stationed at a table where they distributed flyers, pamphlets, photos and more promoting their activities.

Adrian Porto, senior business management major, was on Bayramian Lawn promoting his fraternity. Porto said he would have “never joined” his fraternity if an event like Meet the Clubs did not exist.

“I think it’s important just because most people come to CSUN and are overwhelmed with the size of the school and the amount of people that are here,” said Porto. “I feel like this is the way to find out what you want to do on campus.”

A range of organizations participated in the event:  religious-oriented clubs, academic clubs, fraternities, sororities, recreational clubs, athletic clubs, community involvement clubs and more.

Catherine Hartnek, senior electrical engineering major, is interested in potentially joining a sorority and a club associated with her major. She appreciated the face-to-face interactions that the event provided.

“I think it’s really great to see all the different clubs,” Hartnek said. “It’s a lot better than doing an online search for all of them. I’m getting a lot of good information on the different clubs that I had an interest in and getting to talk to them directly, so it’s been really helpful.”

Some clubs had display boards that contained information about their organization while handing out other material for curious students.

Canopies with representatives from Associated Students and the Matador Involvement Center were also present.

Freshman biology major Diego Zuniga feels that joining a club or organization makes the college experience more worthwhile for students.

“I know people who just come to school and then they leave. They don’t really get involved,” Zuniga said as he searched for sports-oriented or community involvement clubs. “They won’t have as much fun or they won’t gain a whole different perspective of life if they weren’t to join a club or any organization here.”

Agustin Garibay, activities coordinator for clubs and organizations at the MIC, said this semester’s club-showcasing event is the largest they ever had.

“It’s a lot of visibility for our clubs,” Garibay said. “On the other end, it’s an opportunity for students to see what’s available on campus for involvement opportunities.”

Wednesday Sept. 4 is the last day of the Meet the Clubs event. It will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Bayramian Lawn.